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Mantels Direct is such a comprehensive fireplace and accessory website that it is difficult to describe what they sell without making a list. This company offers a huge selection of fires of all different types, from electric to gas or gel fires, as well as outdoor fires. They also sell all types of accessories, from mantle pieces and shelves, to logs for gas fires, screens, tools, carriers and grates.

The products from Mantels Direct range from traditional to contemporary and will suit any type of house. There are rustic mantel pieces for country houses, elegant shelves to suit modern architecture and wonderful outdoor fires to match any garden.

If you are searching for fireplaces or accessories, Mantels Direct is the first place to go. You are sure to find something to suit both your tastes and budget.

The web site is user friendly with all the products under self-explanatory headings, allowing you to browse or buy with equal facility.

There is a section on the site with easy to follow instructions showing how and where to measure your space before ordering mantle shelves. This is to ensure the shelf you order really does fit your fireplace. The photographs are inviting, but more importantly, show the product in detail, so you know exactly what you are buying.

All major payment methods are accepted.

Outdoor Fire

Mantels Direct: What makes it different?

The main advantage this site has over others, is that it sells everything for and to do with fires. To see the same wide range as Mantels Direct offers, you would need to visit a fireplace site followed by a fireplace accessory site. This website is one of the most complete of its kind on the Internet, and allows you to browse and buy with ease.

The site is well laid out with easy to find products. Prices are in view, so you can pick something to fit  your budget.

You can chose the style that suits you and then select the type of wood. Most wood comes with a variety of “finishes”, with either paints or stains, or “unfinished” so you can chose your own colors.

Mantels Direct, unlike many “fire sites”, have taken the trouble to make this site look good and work well. Many competitors sites look like a “DIY store”, and while this is more or less what they are, that is no reason to show bleak and basic products and backgrounds.


Mantels Direct vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Mantels Direct)

How Mantels Direct compares to other fire accessory sites.

The Fireplace Mall sells competing products. It is very difficult to determine what price range the products on this site are, as it is only be clicking on each product you get to see a price. The price range for fire screens seems to be from about $100 – 800, which is much higher than Mantels Direct.

As there are close to one hundred screens, it would take a very long time to click on products until you found one within your budget. There are some interesting screens, but also many have no sides, meaning they will only protect the area in front of the fire. To discover all the prices would have taken twenty to thirty minutes, and that us only screens.

The range of outdoor fires is a bit limited and costs roughly $50 or more, for similar products to Mantels Direct.

There is no doubt this site has a huge number of accessories, but it is not easy to navigate and finding prices means clicking several times. This is too long foe most people who want to see certain information, like the prices, on the first page.

Fireside America is another fireplace accessory site, but this does not even include many pictures until you click on an item, so unless you know what you are searching for, it could take a long time to find it.

Clicking on wood stoves gives you some pictures, which you click again to see the details, but although it gives weight, size and so on, the price is not here. You need to click on “find a retailer”, then select your state. This gets you an address and phone number, so quite what this site does is unclear. It appears to sell some fire related products and simply tell you where to buy others.

On the website “Top 20 mantel sites”,  Mantels Direct is number 2 and number 1 is Agee Woodworks.

Agee Woodworks have mainly wooden mantles and shelves with granite, marble or slate facing – and 2 gas fires.

Mantel shelves start at $129 – 443. There is a choice of wood, but this is confusing. When you chose a product the price list gives a few prices for different types of wood, but the drop-down list of available finishes has a far greater number, so in order to find out if your choice is available in one of those means sending a message and waiting for an answer.

The list of finishes seem to be natural mixed with painted, so again it is not easy to find a product that would fit your house.

If you are looking for any type of fireplace product, Mantels Direct is the most attractive site, easiest to navigate and gives readily available prices and information. You can click the picture to get additional information, but knowing the price beforehand means you are not wasting time learning about fires you can not afford.

The only thing Mantels Direct does not seem to offer and The Fire Mall does, are chimney caps.  Maybe Mantels Direct will introduce them soon. They have a vast selection of products, compared to a somewhat limited choice on other sites.

mantel shelf

Mantels Direct: Pricing & packages

There are so many products on the Mantels Direct site it is not possible to list them all. Here are a few examples of price.

The stunning range of outdoor fires start at $89 and go up to around $2,000.

Mantel shelves and mantels range from $101 – 1,454.

Fireplace screens start at $68 and to up to $500 for more intricate designs.

Fireplace tools are from $40 – 240.

They also have wonderful wooden bellows for $40 – 100, which would look good sitting beside a fire as well as being practical.

Log holders go from practical to elegant and fun and cost $40 – 230.


Mantels Direct: Product images & screenshots
Mantels Direct Coupons
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Mantels Direct: Customer reviews & comments

The “Better Business Bureau”, (BBB),  is an organization which works in USA and Canada, and it compiles reports on the reliability of all businesses.

Mantels Direct has been a  BBB Accredited business since 10/18/2010 and has a rating of A.

This independent review was written about Mantels Direct;

“ is one of the most complete online stores regarding to all kinds of fireplace mantels.

Their catalog is divided into mantel shelves, mantel surrounds, marble/granite facing kits, outdoor fireplaces and log sets & accessories. The site provides all kinds of pictures and detailed information about their products as well as prices and free shipping for most of their mantels. If you are looking for a fireplace, whether you want electric, gas or common ones you should take a look at this very complete fireplace mantels store. The web site offers a clear and intuitive layout for best results in your lookup, they also accept almost every international card, checks by phone and PayPal. is the best source for your fireplace buying needs.”


Best Available Mantels Direct Coupon:
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Comments (3)

very interesting and comprehensive review of fireplaces..thanks for the good write....voted up

Ranked #3 in

I apologise that the links are not working, but this has to be done by Factoidz administration – I do not have the authority to remedy this error.

What is pictured is not what you get! Beware, Mantels Direct should be avoided at all cost.  We purchased a near $400 mantel shipped to our home.  The workmanship is extremely sloppy and construction is poor.  What you are leaded to believe is a solid piece of wood is actually wood veneer(read small print).  Instead of constructing this piece to hide seams using 45 degree angle cuts or overlapping veneer, they take the lazy, cheap approach using butt joints and slopping stain across end grain.  The finished result is a mismatched mess of stain shades representative no more then a $100 Mantel. 

I thought for sure this had to be a mistake and that certainly Mantels Direct would take my claim and refund or replace my mantel.  I spoke with Angie at customer resolution that first gave me the run around and then consulted the manufacturer regarding my claim. I provided pictures as requested clearly illustrating the variance in stain and sloppy workmanship.  Angie then promptly denied any issue with the product despite me taking the time to send her pictures clearly illustrating the poor quality and denied my claim. It was like we where having two different conversations and every time I got back to the point of poor quality, answering the actual question was dodged by changing the topic.  Additionally, Angie was rude from the start and it was evident she took great pleasure in denying my claim.

Mantels Direct falsely advertise their cheap laminated wood mantels and are to be avoided at all cost.  Save your self the run around, corporate speak, poor customer service and wildly overpriced junk.

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Save Up To 40% on Wood Fireplace Mantels Plus Free Shipping @ Mantels Direct
Get Free Shipping @ Mantels Direct
Get Free Shipping @ Mantels Direct
Save Up To 55% on Marble Fireplace Mantels Plus Free Shipping @ Mantels Direct
Save Up To 40% on Wood Fireplace Mantels + Free Shipping @ Mantels Direct